Typography Book: Bad Signs for Web Designers

Using a selected typeface(s), we choose quotes, short stories...etc and arrange them to be visually appealing. The restrictions for this project is using only black and white (no grey or color) and only using fonts and glyphs (no shape tool). The pages were printed with the Epson R1800 then mounted onto board and cut. Then they are stitched with the Single Sheet Coptic Binding technique. This book is meant to look like a Mac desktop thus there are keyboard and personal effects laid out on your 'desk'. Then we must take the pages and make it into a book. Ports and graphics are all made out of Univers (for ex: the usb ports are made up of [ ] and I )

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Why, hello!

My name is Rainar (pronounced
Reyn-na) and I have a focus on visual and web design. By spring, I would be a graduate of the Academy of Art University with a BA in Web Design + New Media.

I basically had a sketch pad and a pencil in hand when I was born and since then I’ve always wanted to become an artist. Now that I’m older, that dream became a reality as I dedicate myself in design whether it be print, web, photography, motion graphics and more!


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