Imaging Projects

A collection of imaging projects.
For Photosynth, I had pieces of the Palace of Fine Arts come together from inside the computer and to the real world to indicate Photosynth's 3D experience in photographs.
Then for the Experimental Portraiture Series, the main focus of my experiment were paint, brushes, textures, and layer masks. A Chinese character, 'love', shows my love for artistic expression.

Category: Imaging, Photography



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Why, hello!

My name is Rainar (pronounced
Reyn-na) and I have a focus on visual and web design. By spring, I would be a graduate of the Academy of Art University with a BA in Web Design + New Media.

I basically had a sketch pad and a pencil in hand when I was born and since then I’ve always wanted to become an artist. Now that I’m older, that dream became a reality as I dedicate myself in design whether it be print, web, photography, motion graphics and more!


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