Pantone Rebranding

Pantone is mainly used by artists, so I wanted to address different types of art by referencing to a variety of art mediums. Artists created works from scratch and color the world with their creativity. That is what I wanted to depict with my 'coloring' concept.
The mailers feature black & white calendar pages, which rest between the opening of the box and can be colored in using the included coloring tools.

Category: Campain, Rebranding, Print, Web, Photography, Mailer Design



Why, hello!

My name is Rainar (pronounced
Reyn-na) and I have a focus on visual and web design. By spring, I would be a graduate of the Academy of Art University with a BA in Web Design + New Media.

I basically had a sketch pad and a pencil in hand when I was born and since then I’ve always wanted to become an artist. Now that I’m older, that dream became a reality as I dedicate myself in design whether it be print, web, photography, motion graphics and more!


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